The HPV Virus Is Far More Dangerous Than Believed

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The HPV Virus Is Far More Dangerous Than Believed

It was always believed that the human papillomavirus is the cause for cervical cancer. This is because this virus has been associated with the reasons behind the development of genital warts and cervical cancer in the past. It is also acknowledged as the reason for cancers of the anus, the penis and the vulva. However, studies conducted by scientists now reveal that the wart virus could be even more dangerous. The studies have revealed that the HPV virus could also be a cause for cancers of the mouth and throat. It has now been revealed that by the end of this decade, the HPV virus could claim more victims to oral cancers than cancer of the cervix. Therefore, the problem can no longer be said to be one that can be taken lightly by infected individuals.

It has always been believed that cancers of the mouth and throat can only be caused by the use of alcohol and tobacco. It is true that these substances are the major reasons for the cause of oral cancers. However, studies conducted lately have begun to reveal that the HPV virus is another cause for the infection. Across the United States approximately 7% of all sexually active adults are known to be infected by orally transmitted HPV viruses. It is possible that these people may be using alcohol or tobacco but could have come into contact of the virus by indulging in oral sex or even merely kissing an infected individual. The HPV virus is, however, primarily responsible in the development of oral warts usually starting with warts in the mouth or warts in the throat  in people who do not use alcohol or tobacco.

The risk factors involved with oral warts are different than in cervical Cancer. The treatments for cervical cancer is also of a different type where women may have to undergo surgery, obtain chemotherapy and radiation. Oral venereal warts if allowed to develop into cancer will also require treatments that are similar because the treatment for cancer will require the kind of attention which genital oral warts may not. However, it must never be construed that oral warts can be ignored because they have the tendency to disappear without any genital wart treatment. Individuals will do well to understand that even though the appearance of warts may go away the underlying cause will remain in their body in the form of the HPV virus. Therefore, it is essential to get the condition treated without delays of any kind.

The HPV virus cannot imbibe an individual, unless he or she comes into contact with another infected person. The hpv virus transmission is via sexual or oral contact. Men and women both are susceptible to coming into contact with this virus, unless they take sufficient precautions to stay away from the infection. It is not difficult to find individuals who have never had a problem with the human papillomavirus. This does not mean that they have stayed away from sexual activity of any kind. They could have taken all measures required to keep the HPV virus away from themselves or even stayed faithful to a trusted partner of their choice. This, however, is not popular in present-day conditions when people tend to change their partners frequently.

When people come across an infection of oral warts in their mouth, they generally show a tendency to ignore the symptoms. This is because of the widely held belief that the warts will disappear within a short time of making an appearance. What is, however, not understood by people is the fact that the human papillomavirus which causes the warts continues to remain within the body and will allow a recurrence of the warts without warning. Under the circumstances, such conditions are better treated with the type of treatments that have been deemed suitable by medical practitioners.

Information about how genital warts symptoms can be treated is easily available to all. There are a number of over-the-counter medications with some such as Zerowarts OxyFend being acknowledged as the best on the market. However, it is essential for people to know that these are topical applications, which cannot be used in the oral areas. Therefore, at no time should people look forward to obtaining over-the-counter medication for a condition of oral warts, a visit to the doctor is the right way, actually the only way.

Oral warts are known to develop into cases of cancer. People could perhaps become confused about how they can develop a dreaded disease like cancer in the mouth because of sexual activity. It is perhaps the times which have changed, which is the primary cause for this development. More and more individuals are today indulging in sexual activity of the oral kind. This practice is not restricted to homosexuals or lesbians but is also prevalent among men and women. Oral sex alone is again not the only cause for the transmission of the HPV virus from one person to another. More to mouth contact between an infected person and another can also lead to the transmission which causes the warts.

What can people do to stay away from an infection of oral warts? The one factor that comes to mind right away would be to indulge in safe sex practices. However, having known that mouth to mouth contact can also lead to the transmission of the human papillomavirus it is essential for people to obtain information on the history of their chosen partner for the day. In order to stay away from an infection with the HPV virus, which can lead to the development of oral warts people will have to use every method at their disposal, which can keep them safe.

Healthcare providers have given a few notable points which people must look into before they think about getting intimate with any individual. Given below are the few points that are to be noted;

A significant number of cancers in the mouth and throat are because of the HPV virus, especially in people who do not use alcohol and tobacco excessively. HPV 16 has been associated in the development of oral cancers by medical practitioners.

While kissing an individual will also make it possible for the HPV virus to be transmitted it is primarily oral sex that has been acknowledged as the reason for acquiring the HPV infection in the mouth and throat.

The HPV vaccine is thought to be a good remedy against the possibility of an individual developing mouth or throat cancer which is caused by strain number 16 of the human papillomavirus. However, it has also been mentioned that this is just a possibility with no confirmation of the effectiveness being provided.

Studies are also available to show that people who constantly use alcohol and tobacco and also indulge in sexual activity of the oral kind are more susceptible to the dreaded infection of oral warts and cancer of the mouth and throat.

Is there a way out for people who could already be infected by oral warts? Yes, medical practitioners have successfully treated individuals who suffer from infections of oral warts. Techniques used are freezing the warts, vaccines and surgery. Professionals called upon to deal with infections of oral warts have been successful in dealing with the external appearance but do not have any remedy for the HPV virus which continues to remain within the body. This is the reason why people must be wary about coming into contact with an infection that can remain within them for a lifetime.

If the HPV virus is as dangerous as described how can people keep it away from themselves? Using safe sex practices is perhaps the best method which people can adopt if they intend to keep the human papillomavirus at arm’s distance. This is the only method available to keep the HPV virus at bay. All other methods described by numerous journals are thought to have faults, which cannot be overcome by individuals. People who are unsure about their sexual partners must try to obtain information about their sexual history. Practicing proper oral hygiene is another factor, which must never be ignored. People who use alcohol and tobacco must make a concerted effort to stay away from having oral sex and choose to use protection when indulging in sexual activity of other types. Staying away from the HPV virus is not a difficult task if people consider the kind of dangers which they will be exposing themselves to. All it requires is a little effort from people to understand why they should make an attempt to achieve this objective.

Treatments for oral warts are certainly available just as treatments for warts in the genital areas. This in no way means that people should lead themselves exposed to such infections. It is essential to understand that prevention is any day a better option than a cure. Therefore, all attempts must be made to stop the development of warts of any kind on the body. This objective can only be achieved if people understand the fact that the HPV virus is the underlying cause to the development of warts. Keeping away an infection with the HPV virus will not only keep people safe from warts but will also leave them free from the fear of oral cancers.

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