What is genital warts?

btn-order-01They are characterized by their cauliflower-like appearance.  Sometimes they are flat and flesh-colored. Other times they are larger with lesions and pink-colored. In men, the warts can be seen on the tip or shaft of the penis or between the scrotum and the penis. In women, the area around the vaginal opening is the most likely place you will see the warts externally, but a woman may have internal warts along the wall of the vagina, or on the cervix.  Both men and women can experience genital warts around their anus as well.

Your genital warts symptoms may look different depending on your body’s response to the condition.  Your warts might be spread out and develop a cauliflower-like appearance.  They may not do this, but still be quite large or lacerated.  However, they could remain quite small and flat.  You might only have a single wart that takes on any number of these appearances, but does not spread into multiple warts.
Fast Effective Wart Treatment…

This advanced scientific formula helps sufferers who want to get rid of genital and perianal warts and get on with their lives. If you have it, you may have:

  • Small, flesh-colored or grey swellings in your genital and/or anal area…
  • Several warts close together and are cauliflower-like in shape…
  • Discomfort or itching in your genital and/or anal area…
  • Bleeding when during sexual intercourse…

Who can get external genital and perianal warts?

They affect sexually active people of any race, social class or sexual preference.

Who gets Warts Genital?

Any sexually active person can get genital and/or perianal warts. They can affect people of any age, race, social class or sexual preference. If you have sex with an infected person just once, you have a 60% chance of getting infected by the HPV virus..

The pictures below are examples of the sort of complications EGWs can lead to.

Various forms of Genital Warts

genital wart herpes simplex vagina zerowarts
genital wart herpes simplex penis zerowarts
genital wart herpes

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